OCTOBER 4-7 2018


This is the calling. Go toward your dreams.








Once Upon A Time…

There was a traveler who heard the calling of his soul’s voice.

He began a journey to defy his fears and slay the dragons that got in the way of him feeling that burning calling inside (a calling that was growing even more with each passing day). Dedicated to his task, the traveler collected resources, friends, and tools to help him cross the valley of shadows, where darkness and illusions awaited to end his journey.

With his courage in hand, he fought and won against all his most fearsome adversaries. With his own power, the traveler crossed over all obstacles, even the deepest of all of his fears.

He returned home as a hero with new vision, a new heart, and new skills to create his destiny in healing his own world.

In four days of immersion, we, the brave ones who search for a life with purpose and connection, will start this journey of the hero and return home as courageous creators.

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Courageous Creator:

Everything you desire is on the other side of fear.

It’s time to remember all of your power.

The time is now to create a new world and map the way toward an empowered era.

We will walk beside you as you experience your own heroic journey. Work through the limitations of fear, anxiety, and doubt in a unique and deeply held experience. Together, we will honor your imperfect and sacred path that brought you here.

In this workshop, you will take huge steps toward realizing your own paradise and remembering how to create the life you always wanted. Rediscover your strength, bravery, and voice within a community that will be your allies in your quest to courage. It is all leading to you unearthing the means to create your desired destiny.

This is the calling. Go toward your dreams.

Who is Courageous Creator for?

For every person who wants to find their inner unexplored wisdom and to learn from a place of transpersonal sight and shamanism. For all blessed with the desire to explore their soul.

How to prepare?

If something written here deeply moved you, then you are ready.

“This has been one of my life’s best experiences. I feel like there was a before and after for me. Now I am connected with my soul, my deepest self. This workshop allows this connection to happen, it invites us to listen to our soul with courage and drive.”

Sara Encinas

Courageous Creator Student

Your International
Shaman/Coaching Team


From Chile

Minerva’s calling is to help other people transcend. everything that gets in the way of the life they deeply desire. Previously an attorney, she is now an Integral Ontological coach and shaman. All of these roles have allowed her to make her mission on earth possible. She’s also the Executive Director of ASERSENTIDO and of the School

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of Integral Ontological Coaching of the same name. It has been her passion and dream all of these years to work alongside hundreds of students in their own self-discovery and spiritual awakening. Also, Minerva helps other organizations in their cultural transformation processes and leadership styles. In these spaces she uses all of her knowledge to serve a new mankind: connected, bright, brave, and abundant.

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From Costa Rica

After a near death experience at the 18 years old, Mauricio got a call from a shaman through a dream. After finishing his Bachelor’s degree, he followed his dreams and studied with the Four Winds Society, now working with them as a teacher. He awakened over the Salkantay Mountain in Peru. After getting back to Costa Rica, he opened a private energy

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and shamanic healing consulting firm, giving private lessons, teaching, and traveling alongside groups to the mountains. He created El Umbral de la Montana (The Mountain’s Threshold) where he offers ancient ceremonies that connect with the planet and with ourselves. He is an International Speaker for the Transpersonal Asersentido Program.

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From USA

Natalie’s calling is to create an “Inspired Planet” with people who have clear minds, strong bodies, and free spirits. She was an Executive Director of Education for the Nationwide Financial-US, where she found her passion for organizational leadership. Sometime after her ideas were published in the “Harvard Business Review on Developing Leaders”

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book, she took the ancient wisdom practices of Shamanism and Yoga and used them in the wild and challenging actual world. Her personal growth experiences were published in Debbie Phillips’s book, Women on Fire. She is a member of the teaching team of the Four Winds Society and she is certified as an Experienced Yoga Teacher (E-RYT) with the Yoga Alliance. She is an International Speaker for the Transpersonal Asersentido Program.

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October 4 – 7, 2018

9:00 AM – 6: 00 PM

Program begins 9am Thursday and ends 3pm Sunday


The Guest House Retreat Center

Guest House is located in the scenic Connecticut River Valley, situated on 17 wooded acres. The woods, a Certified Wildlife Habitat, have two 15-20 minute trail loops, perfect for an easy nature walk.

Venue address

318 W Main St, Chester, CT 06412

“I didn’t have any expectations about this workshop. I didn’t think to sign up for it, it was as if the universe drove me here. Courageous Creator has been an experience that allowed me to see my real fears, beat them, and find my essence by remembering who I am. I have an amazing feeling of peace in complete harmony with my soul. It’s freedom.”

Martha Bazán

Courageous Creator Student


Ready To Get Started?

For today’s successes, there was a courageous choice.

“From this experience, I found myself face to face with my deepest fears, but I triumphed with a sense of grandeur. Now I have inner peace. I am back to my normal life and live life in a different way. I feel like my sight has changed.”

Raúl Salas

Courageous Creator Student

More Stories From Students

One of my life’s best experiences

“I felt the urge to join this workshop, but I had no idea why. Once I finished it, I understood the reason. I felt like the four days turned into six months. I felt connected to my shadow and light. It has been extremely revealing in allowing me to accept and understand myself, my reason for being. This push to self-discovery has been one of my life’s best experiences, similar to the way I felt when I gave birth to my children.”


Montserrat Pérez

It opened new possibilities of creating

“It was a magical and unique experience that allowed me to accept and challenge my limiting beliefs, and bring aspects of my life to light I had completely forgotten. It opened new possibilities of creating and serving.”


Alfonso (Fonchi) Córdova

Didn’t explain to me how to get to my destiny.

“The information I got from this workshop didn’t explain to me how to get to my destiny. It was something deep inside of me that pushed me to take a risk, a risk to find my own path, my compass, my north… And oh boy did it happen!”


Jacy Chávez-Taffur